The Great Awakening

From unconscious to conscious

‘People need to feel it’ was buzzing around in my head for almost a year. And then, at sudden, I realized that mankind would awaken through the lessons of a virus. Truth is stranger than fiction. I never could have imagined an invisible power ruling our world would make our unconscious mind more conscious. The Great Awakening has started!

‘The awakening of consciousness is the next step for mankind.’   Eckhart Tolle

Transforming consciousness

But, what is The Great Awakening? Firstly, it is good news because we are moving up the ladder in Maslow’s motivation theory. We are evolving from the esteem level with ego needs to the self-actualization level of personal development. For instance, from self-assurance to open-mindedness. From endless achievement to sense of reality. From symptom management to problem solving. Short-term thinking to long-term doing. Duality to unity. And individual to collective.

Secondly, the bad news is that we are facing challenges. Growth hurts. Awakening to our full potential is not an easy road and that is why our world turned upside down. In other words, the current chaos makes us aware of ourselves and of our environment. Consequently, we can take conscious leadership and build a better world.

Evolving consciousness levels

Awakening to freedom

All in all, we are living in extremely interesting times. Not only from a development, psychological and leadership point of view, but also from a strategic and operational perspective. That is why I have started this blog story ‘The Great Awakening’. It is a collection of blogs about the expansion of our consciousness and conscious leadership. I will write about what it takes to get there and what it means to be there. Next to the impact on individuals I will cover the consequences for all kind of organizations. Let’s make our unconscious mind more conscious.

‘And once you are awake, you shall remain awake eternally.’   Friedrich Nietzsche

In ‘The Great Awakening’ story, you can count on things like:
  • the awakening process in general terms
  • examples of my own awakening process
  • inspirational and thought-provoking quotes
  • material from ‘Diary of conscious leadership’
  • the undercurrent versus the upper current
  • insight into various unconscious biases
  • explanation of the levels of consciousness
  • the connection between head, heart, and gut

Awakening in essence

Whilst blogging on a regular basis, I will gradually launch my video trilogy called ‘When a butterfly flaps its wings’. The virus not only caused the above mentioned aha-erlebnis but inspired me also to create a trilogy. Because a small change can have major consequences, I named the videos after Edward Lorenz’ butterfly effect. You may watch the trailer to get an impression of the content and hence, of conscious leadership.

Conscious leadership

Both my blog story ‘The Great Awakening’ and my video trilogy ‘When a butterfly flaps its wings’ address the energy shift that we are experiencing now. Also my book ‘Diary of conscious leadership’ describes this change from the head to the heart and the gut. The ultimate goal is a balancing act of these three motivational centers. This leads to inner harmony and that boosts our confidence and courage. Equally important, if connected with ourselves we can connect to others. In conclusion, it is not the conscious but the unconscious mind that normally decides: the undercurrent. Awakening means expanding our consciousness from nowadays’ 5% to … who knows, any percentage closer to the magical 100%. Therefore, let’s take conscious leadership over our lives and work!

‘Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.’   Albert Einstein

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